Responding to Suicidal Expressions Registration


This 4-hour training was designed for anyone who would like to become certified in foundational knowledge and skills of suicide intervention.

Each participant receives a certificate of completion.

Course outline:

Common questions and myths around suicide: Examining common beliefs around suicidal thoughts and actions with corresponding statistical evidence on Canadian populations.

Understanding the stigma surrounding suicide: How do we imply negative ideas about people with thoughts of suicide in our culture? How does this affect effective suicide interventions?

Warning signs of suicidal thinking: Specific examples of behaviours, statements, thoughts, and emotions that are worrisome.

Suicide risk assessment. Guidelines for interpreting the level or degree of intervention appropriate for different situations involving suicidal ideation.

Suicide intervention framework: A framework to follow when you suspect someone may be having suicidal thoughts.

Creating a safety plan: A step by step exploration of how to create a plan with someone to keep them safe while they experience thoughts of suicide. Includes awareness of local resources for ongoing support.