Cara is not only incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her work, but she is so caring and empathetic. She shares personal stories that connect to relevant content to provide greater depth and understanding to the teachings. This helps personalize otherwise very clinical topics. I highly recommend taking a course from Cara, you will throughly enjoy it and be sad when it’s over!
— Mental Health First Aid Participant
I went home confident that I would be able to help someone who was distressed. The framework, information, and resources were very valuable. I highly recommend Cara and this training. One day you may save a life because of it.
— Responding to Suicidal Expressions Participant
Cara does amazing work. I’ve never experienced any training facilitated with such authenticity and passion before.
— Custom Training Participant
This workshop was so inspiring and helpful. I love the way Cara creates a safe space free of shame in any form. She is very careful with the words she uses and the ways she makes everyone feel valuable. I loved everything about this experience!
— The Weight We Carry Participant